Episode 6: Small Business | All The Things

Welcome to Episode 6 of Let’s Talk Marketing with Hillarie Kay. In this episode you will get to know and learn from small business owners Lindsey Behrens and Camille Levi from Behrens Artistry. Lindsey and Camille explain the trials of starting a small business and why if you don’t have networking as part of your marketing plan, you’re missing out on an incredible amount of opportunity. Let’s Talk Marketing with Hillarie Kay is full of advice, tips, tricks and a little humor on the side. Click subscribe to follow along. To connect with Hillarie outside of the podcast, follow her on instagram @hillariekay.

To connect with Lindsey and Camille you can check out BehrensArtistry.com, Instagram | @behrensartistry and @behrensartistry.redaspen or Facebook | https://www.facebook.com/behrensartistry/

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