Episode 4: Finding Flow in the Hustle

Welcome to Episode 4 of Let’s Talk Marketing with Hillarie Kay. In this episode you will learn about Finding Flow in the Hustle! Hillarie interviews Corina Tripon, owner of Ginger Root. Corina is a Personal and Business Growth Coach who helps women Find Flow in the Hustle and Freedom in His Grace. Corina and Hillarie talk through why knowing your personal voice as a small business owner is important for growth in your business. Corina strongly believes that your business success is 100% correlated to your personal success. Let’s Talk Marketing with Hillarie Kay is full of advice, tips, tricks and a little humor on the side. Click subscribe to follow along. To connect with Hillarie outside of the podcast, follow her on instagram @hillariekay.

Connect with Corina and Ginger Root on Instagram @corinatripon, or through her website GingerRooted.com. Corina offers complimentary consults to see if growth coaching is a good fit for where you are in your journey. Book one today, you WILL NOT regret it.

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